Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who sits on top?

The Nintendo Wii, sent from heaven to make our lives more bearable. What else can anyone say about it?

The Nintendo Wii was released November 1 9th 2006 in North America. The Microsoft Xbox 360 was launched 1 year earlier (November 22, 2005). Sales figures from the consoles launch date through July 2007 show: 9 million for the Wii, 8.9 million for the Xbox 360, and a mere 3.7 million for the Play Station 3. Can you imagine that?? And the Xbox 360 had a 1-year head start. As of today, nearly 25 million units have be sold. So what is the rave about?

Despite the impressive sales and performance of the Wii, you will never be able to fully understand the greatness of the tiny machine until you have played it for the first time. The Wii is a gaming console that competes with the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3. It is designed to target a wider demographic. But its distinctive feature is the wireless controller, the Wii Remote. Check it out!

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