Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Creative Casings

Today, it would seem everyone has a laptop to show off. But I say, the casing is just as important. Whether you are out to meet friends or on the way to a meeting, you laptop should not only be comfortable and safe, but stylish and sleek in its casing.

If you take a look at the keynote by Steve Jobs when he launched the MacBook Air, you will see him pulling the thin laptop from a manila envelope, very much what you would see floating around the office. With its size and sleek design it is hard to find the right casing for something that small. Manila Mac & Panic, decided to solve this problem by designing the ultimate Manila Envelope Laptop Sleeve for the MacBook Air called AirMail. The sleeve is made from manila-colored vinyl. With a soft fleece lining, your laptop will be cozy and free from scratches.

Now a day, we have so much to carry to and from work or college but the bags are not designed to hold everything we need. Tenba, manufacturer of photo equipment and laptops, has recognized this and developed a line of bags that is multi-functional. The Tenba Messenger Shoulder bag has an integrated laptop sleeve easily accessible by zipper without having to open the main flap. The roomy main compartment can be converted into one that holds your photo equipment (D/SLR body, 3 lenses, flash) or simply used for magazines and files. Comfortably pack clothes and supplies for your day trip inside too. It comes in 2 sizes either to fit a 17” laptop or slightly smaller to fit a 15” laptop and several other urban-sleek colors. But if you need a slightly larger bag Tenba offers the Photo/Laptop Messenger bag which has a capacity to hold up to 5-6 lenses.

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