Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time Matters

Scubapro Ladies Xtender Blue Wrist Computer

When I started diving, I insisted that my equipment must match. When I bought my mask and snorkel, it had to match the color of my fins. Though for simplicity, I agreed to let my wet suit remain a standard black, just as a lady will wear one outfit with different accessories each time. One day I may decide to change the color of my fins, mask and snorkel and no matter what color I choose, it will go well with black. But for now I will stick with the color blue because, finally, there is a ladies dive computer. The Scubapro Ladies Xtender Blue Wrist Computer is identical to the original Xtender (black) in terms of funtions, but there exist a few very nice differences. First, the watch is set in a crystal blue case and strap. Another notable difference is the beautiful Swarovski blue crystal set in the watch face. Other functions similar to the original Xtender is the depth, dive time, surface interval, and water temperature. Visual and audible ascent rate, decompression dive and stop warnings, dive memory with storage for up to 30 logged dives, and 999 hours 59 mins of dive history. Of course the best part is that it is PC downloadable for transfer of logs and profiles.

POLAR Ladies F4 Fitness Watch

This fitness watch does everything that a woman needs and more. It measures heart rate, tracks calories burned, and looks great on that petite wrist. With the OwnCal feature, you can set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure. UpLink is a feature which allows settings upload from Polar web site or software to run on the wrist unit. Also important to note is that the watch is water resistant up to 30m. And best of all they have 3 great colors: Black Amber, Blue Ice, and Red Berry.

Swiss Army Ladies – Alliance Diamond Bezel 24831

This next watch has some serious bling! The name leaves much to be desired but the design is to die for. The functions of this watch are far less than the first two mentioned above but when you discover there are 40 full cut diamonds in the bezel and the dial is Mother-of-Pearl texture, nothing else matters. One function to note is the date calendar set in the face of the watch. Of course for this watch to fit in with the two above it must be water resistant, its maximun tested depth is 100m! This solid stainless steel beauty is sure to turn a few heads.

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