Friday, July 4, 2008

iPhone Jailbreak Apps for Woman

The days of drawing on a bar napkin are over. With ‘sketches’ you can draw, write, and scribble down any silly idea that comes to mind. Recently, I found myself using Sketches to draw possible layouts of how to furnish my studio to make it suitable for rental. The couch needs to be against the wall, the bed has to face that way, the wardrobe should be here, two bar stools should be enough… all these possibilities were easier to visualize once I drew with Sketches. You can save your drawing or note to later find it in your photo album. You can see 2 things from my drawing above, (1) I can’t draw and (2) it is a personal drawing you don’t need to show anyone… it’s between you and your thoughts.

I can be clumsy sometimes and drop things or leave things behind when I leave the cinema. To solve this I found the ‘Flashlight’ application. I have used this more than any other application. Leaving the cinema I check my seat for things that may have walked out of my purse during the show. I also find it helpful when I drop my keys getting to the car at night. Its funny how such a simple application can be so useful.

With the ‘ShopList’ application you earn the license to forget. Just jot down what you need at the grocery store, pharmacy, or department store and forget about it until later. When you get to the shop, whip out you iPhone and review your list. Very handy when you are in a hurry and suddenly think of something to pick up. It takes 30 seconds to enter an item into ShopList. You can see from the photo, you can have multiple shopping lists and it will also show how many items you still need to pick up/ total items on list.

The next application I find amusing. They call it ‘Alarm’. It is not the alarm that wakes you up in the morning… that would be too boring. This Alarm if a self-defense alarm. Simply press the red button and this loud annoying beeping noise goes off. Best of all, the Alarm app has a ‘freefalling’ sensor, if you are being attacked all you have to do is throw your iPhone or drop it and the alarm will trigger, hopefully scaring away your attacker. I have not used it yet, but it is still nice to have if only to add a false sense of security.

I was saving the best for last. This next app tracks your monthly cycles for you. iWoman is convenient and pretty accurate. Simply enter the dates (start and finish) of your most current period (or if you want a more accurate assessment, put in the dates of your cycle as far back as you can remember). It can figure out the duration of your period and the number of days in your cycles.

These are just some of the cool apps out there for woman. Look out for more coming soon.

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