Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Torture Devices of the 21st Century

As humans we sometimes have bizarre tendencies. We expose ourselves to modern day torture without even realizing it. And sometimes we inflict torture on others for the amusement. Either way, for the sake of this article I will call it Torture Devices of the 21st Century!

First ladies, we have the epilator! I’m mean please, who the heck invented that??? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a man. For those ladies who really don’t know what an epilator is it is a simple and harmless looking device that inflicts extreme pain by plucking several hairs at one time! It is more painful than waxing or threading, trust me. Don’t be deceived by the pretty pink or purple epilators that are small and comfortable to hold in the hand, because once you turn that little devil on all you feel like doing is throwing it against the wall!

Another torture device is the Run Away Alarm Clock! While ingenious for the lazy bums who don’t wanna wake up in the morning, it poses a problem because it actually flies or runs away so you can’t hit the snooze button. The problem I foresee with such a device is that you may get so annoyed with the sound and in your sleepiness go after it and hit it too hard! It’s another one of those devices you wanna throw against the wall. At the rate we’re going we may need foam padded walls for protection!

This next device I must advise all ladies to do their best to stay away from… The Electric Shock 4-Player Game or the Shocking Roulette. This is the silliest device yet, where a player willingly risks being shocked if she/he is the last to press a button. It is a game of reflex. I once made the horrible mistake of buying this as a gift for my husband because he once mentioned how awesome it would be to have one. Once he had it, I was forced to play it with him and his friends ;) Not something I had anticipated, but certainly an experience.

This next device is one you can use to torture friends and family! The iPhone now has apps such as the iFart and iBurp with sneak attack modes that allow you to set a timer and leave your phone hidden near someone or under a chair and wait for it to go off, embarrassing the person nearby. This is generally not something ladies are into but it can be a lot of fun! Other apps like Annoy-A-Teen and Teen Torture are designed to emit a high-pitched frequency that only teenagers can hear. This is pretty useful when you need to get rid of rowdy teens in a restaurant or shop.

Lastly, we have a device so evil and so cunning that you have to have a pretty strong will impervious to feeling guilty. I give you none other than the EvilTron from ThinkGeek.com. This tiny device has a choice of 6 creepy sounds perfect for scaring or annoying your friends or colleagues. Just hide the tiny device in a dark place and watch the chaos begin as they frantically search for the source of the sounds. What I like most about this device is that when they find out that it is was a prank, no one would ever suspect a lady of doing it, allowing you to get away with just about anything!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shower in Color!

Ladies, we love accessories. “Accessorize everything and anything” is our motto. What if I told you, that you could now accessorize your shower? Did that get your attention? This LED Shower Light does more than light up; it lets you know when the water has heated. The head emits a blue light when the water is cold. But a red light comes on when the water has warmed up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). I don’t know about you, but technology that can tell me when the water is hot is pretty cool.

Of course nothing beats the sonic showers from Star Trek but we will get there someday. This Shower Light certainly saves you the frustration of accidentally stepping into cold water when you’re rushing and barely awake early in the morning.

It is easy to install and does not require batteries. I cannot answer the question of whether this showerhead is useful or not, that depends on you, but I do know it would be fun to have!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Extreme Customization

Now-a-day, when we shop for anything, we are bombarded by choices of colors, size, texture, brand. It is an overwhelming thought. But when these choices are organized and easy to view we call it customization!

Incase is once such company that has taken customization to the extreme. Its products cater to mostly Apple products (iPods, iPhone, MacBook/Air/Pro), however it has a selection of backpacks (sling packs, skate bags, messenger bags), guitar bags, shoes, and even B-Bags (basketball bags).

Lets take a look at the customization process for purchasing a casing for the iPod touch. When you get to the iPod touch page, you first choose the type of casing. My options are Clear Hard Case, Slider Case, Protective Cover, Leather Sleeve, Neoprene Sleeve, and the Sports Armband. I’m interested in the slider case to keep the smooth feel of the iPod touch but protect it from scratches. When you get to the slider case page, you see the description, features, price, and most of all one more choice… The color! If you don’t know which color, try all. By clicking on the color, you can view the case from all different angles. If it is too difficult to decide, go with a safe color. But you will have fun with the process. I believe there is something there for everyone. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wild! Wacky! Weird!

Ever found yourself struggling to find the right gift for a friend, partner, kid, colleague, etc? All the obvious choices for a gift are boring and expected, but nothing new comes to mind... Not only is it inconvenient, but it's frustrating. Lately I have been searching for new gift ideas, and not forgetting this blog is about gadgets, I happened across a great site that has every gift you will ever need. At uncommongoods.com, you will never run short of new and exciting gift ideas for just about anyone.

Wild! In the Sun
Heard of the Solar Powered Laptop Case? I didn’t think so. Looking at the picture, you can tell the designers threw fashion out the window... but the technology speaks for itself. It uses high efficiency solar cells to generate maximum power in the limited space available. It includes a battery pack custom designed to efficiently store and convert the electricity generated. This case holds up to a 17" laptop and is the first that is powerful enough to charge a laptop. Comes in orange, green, charcoal, and silver. The price is even wilder, but for the sake of technology and cool gadgets, this solar powered case made it to my impressive list.

Wacky! Little Human
Hubman USB port. What is there to say? Take one look and know it is meant for you! Cute, small, helps organize your life and did I mention it was cute? Smiley faces never hurt anybody, though it could get annoying after awhile. Anyway, as you can imagine, the ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ are USB ports. And it’s white, for all you Mac lovers out there! This gift is good if you want to send a smile without wrinkling your face.

Weird! Ducky
Don’t get confused when you see a rubber ducky in the mouse, it is not your bathtime… it's just something that someone somewhere thinks is cute (and I wouldn’t take it in the tub with you, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t float). Last time I checked, the rubber ducky belonged in the bathroom. Anyway, they say there is real liquid inside! Aside from the unique look, the Rubber Ducky Optical Computer Mouse (say that 5 times fast), functions like a normal mouse with the works (scroll button, right- and left-click, USB plug). Actually, I could see where this mouse may come in handy… I have a friend who loves ducks. Well see, it’s not totally useless!

Uncommongoods.com truly redefined uncommon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jabra gives new meaning to 'Blackout'

Finally, someone has improved the Bluetooth headset. For the longest time, technological innovations for the Bluetooth headset came to a stand still. With more focus on the smallest laptops and best-featured phones, the headset was almost forgotten. Luckily for us, one company has not failed us. Jabra’s new Bluetooth headset, BT530, offers… wait for it…. “Noise Blackout”. This technology that Jabra has implemented is not new. In fact, you may recognize the term noise-cancelling which is technology most commonly implemented in headphones. I personally love my noise-cancelling headphones… it lets you forget your surroundings while listing to your favorite playlist or latest audiobook. But now we have the technology in bluetooth headsets so we can hear our caller over the noise of the traffic or clamor of shoppers during that blowout sale. This headset looks good too, it will go nicely with my iPhone. I even remember my first Bluetooth headset, it was a Jabra. The company has always been reliable and ahead in the industry.

Noise Blackout is amazing technology that reduces unwanted ambient sounds (noise) by means of active noise control. It is difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain, but I shall try. Active noise control involves use of a microphone, which is placed near the ear, and electronic circuitry, which generates an “antinoise” sound wave with the opposite polarity of the sound wave arriving at the microphone. It’s like creating a vaccine (noise-cancellation) but using the virus (noise) to help develop the cure (BT530). It eliminates noise so it is possible to enjoy music without raising the volume unnecessarily. And thanks to Jabra, we now have this technology in the Bluetooth headset. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that is pretty exciting.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shameless and Lovin' It!

Track your every wish and desire with the ultimate shopping list. And I'm not talking about a scribbled list on a piece of paper... There is a website, conveniently called TheThingsIWant.com, where you can keep track of favorite shopping sites, items you want to purchase, or ideas for the future. Keep photos, prices, and links stored so you never forget that gorgeous purse you saw that would go with your new shoes. Create as many lists as you want from Birthday lists to a Baby Registry or simply create a General wish list, whatever your heart's desire.

Its makes for the perfect Christmas list too, and believe me, you can never start planning too early. Even better, you can share your wish list with your friends and family so they know exactly what to get you for any occasion. It’s free to sign up, so get on it today.

Iron Man is out! Google Chrome is in!

There is disturbing news about a secret plot to launch a weapon that would shock millions, they call it Google Chrome. Well, it’s not that dramatic but here’s the scoop: on September 1st, Google Chrome was accidentally announced prematurely. Google, realizing their mistake, quickly recalled the information and blocked videos of it. However, they promptly responded to the curiosity of all geeks worldwide by creating a cartoon that would describe the details and features of this new gadget.

What is this Google Chrome you ask. Well, Google Chrome is an open source browser based on Webkit and powered by Google Gears. You heard me, another browser… to compete with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari. Some of the features are Super Tabs, Speed, unique User Experience, and Security, Sandboxing, and Safe Browsing. Sounds exciting. The first release will be for Window users only, but Google has assured everyone that the Mac and Linux versions are soon to follow. Google better come through on that promise or they will have to answer to some very angry Mac users.