Friday, September 5, 2008

Jabra gives new meaning to 'Blackout'

Finally, someone has improved the Bluetooth headset. For the longest time, technological innovations for the Bluetooth headset came to a stand still. With more focus on the smallest laptops and best-featured phones, the headset was almost forgotten. Luckily for us, one company has not failed us. Jabra’s new Bluetooth headset, BT530, offers… wait for it…. “Noise Blackout”. This technology that Jabra has implemented is not new. In fact, you may recognize the term noise-cancelling which is technology most commonly implemented in headphones. I personally love my noise-cancelling headphones… it lets you forget your surroundings while listing to your favorite playlist or latest audiobook. But now we have the technology in bluetooth headsets so we can hear our caller over the noise of the traffic or clamor of shoppers during that blowout sale. This headset looks good too, it will go nicely with my iPhone. I even remember my first Bluetooth headset, it was a Jabra. The company has always been reliable and ahead in the industry.

Noise Blackout is amazing technology that reduces unwanted ambient sounds (noise) by means of active noise control. It is difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain, but I shall try. Active noise control involves use of a microphone, which is placed near the ear, and electronic circuitry, which generates an “antinoise” sound wave with the opposite polarity of the sound wave arriving at the microphone. It’s like creating a vaccine (noise-cancellation) but using the virus (noise) to help develop the cure (BT530). It eliminates noise so it is possible to enjoy music without raising the volume unnecessarily. And thanks to Jabra, we now have this technology in the Bluetooth headset. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that is pretty exciting.

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