Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Iron Man is out! Google Chrome is in!

There is disturbing news about a secret plot to launch a weapon that would shock millions, they call it Google Chrome. Well, it’s not that dramatic but here’s the scoop: on September 1st, Google Chrome was accidentally announced prematurely. Google, realizing their mistake, quickly recalled the information and blocked videos of it. However, they promptly responded to the curiosity of all geeks worldwide by creating a cartoon that would describe the details and features of this new gadget.

What is this Google Chrome you ask. Well, Google Chrome is an open source browser based on Webkit and powered by Google Gears. You heard me, another browser… to compete with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari. Some of the features are Super Tabs, Speed, unique User Experience, and Security, Sandboxing, and Safe Browsing. Sounds exciting. The first release will be for Window users only, but Google has assured everyone that the Mac and Linux versions are soon to follow. Google better come through on that promise or they will have to answer to some very angry Mac users.

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