Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Extreme Customization

Now-a-day, when we shop for anything, we are bombarded by choices of colors, size, texture, brand. It is an overwhelming thought. But when these choices are organized and easy to view we call it customization!

Incase is once such company that has taken customization to the extreme. Its products cater to mostly Apple products (iPods, iPhone, MacBook/Air/Pro), however it has a selection of backpacks (sling packs, skate bags, messenger bags), guitar bags, shoes, and even B-Bags (basketball bags).

Lets take a look at the customization process for purchasing a casing for the iPod touch. When you get to the iPod touch page, you first choose the type of casing. My options are Clear Hard Case, Slider Case, Protective Cover, Leather Sleeve, Neoprene Sleeve, and the Sports Armband. I’m interested in the slider case to keep the smooth feel of the iPod touch but protect it from scratches. When you get to the slider case page, you see the description, features, price, and most of all one more choice… The color! If you don’t know which color, try all. By clicking on the color, you can view the case from all different angles. If it is too difficult to decide, go with a safe color. But you will have fun with the process. I believe there is something there for everyone. Enjoy!

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Mits said...

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