Friday, August 29, 2008

Greatest Tech Innovations of the 21st Century

I will attempt to identify the top 5 technological innovations of the 21st Century thus far. This is a great feat and I encourage you all to think for yourselves: agree or disagree with me. I will briefly describe the top 5 innovations and you can do the rest. All ladies should know about these as they have affected our lives one way or another.

No 5: I once was lost, but now am found

Global Positioning System (GPS) sheds light on your location, speed, direction, and time. Developed by the United States Department of Defense, GPS has finally found its way into the hands of the civilians and really become a popular item. GPS uses between 24 and 32 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit microwave signals that assist GPS and tell the user that they have made the wrong turn yet again because most people still don’t know how to read the darn device. You don’t need to remember all that, just know that one of the top innovations of the 21st century is the GPS!

No 4: Lonely no more

Social Networking got ranked No4 on this list because it connects millions of people online through email, forums, videos, weblog, and communities. MySpace and Facebook are the most commonly used networks that help you stay connected with family, friends, schoolmates, colleagues and make new friends in your area or anywhere around the world. Companies even use them to create the online community for their employees, connecting managers and their workers 24/7.

No 3: Feed Me

Think of RSS as a text based radio station that anyone can put up. There are two parts, the radio station (RSS feeds) and the radio that tunes in (RSS reader). Most radio stations (RSS feeds) are websites and blogs. The radio (RSS reader) can be anything, a screen saver, a webpage, a special program in your computer or on your phone. This makes it easy for everyone to tune in and listen to just the radio stations (RSS feeds) that they like by subscribing to the right feed. Gives new meaning to the phrase “feed me.”

No 2: One of a kind

The iPhone or things related to the iPhone have appeared on this blog a few times and for good reason. The iPhone receives No2 on this list as it is the greatest phone of all time and Alexander Graham Bell would be very proud. (For those of you who do not know who Alexander Graham Bell, he invented the telephone in the late 1800’s) So you can actually thank him for the iPhone! There is nothing more that needs to be said, the iPhone speaks for itself!

No 1: Drum roll please

Lets give it up for High-definition television (HDTV). Even though this technology started development in the 1990s it has had the greatest impact on this century in recent years and that is why it sits at No1. HDTV is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution, this makes it big brother to SDTV (Standard-definition television). A higher resolution means a clearer and smoother picture, making the viewing experience much more enjoyable.

You may notice some of these technologies were developed years ago, however the 21st century is when they gained momentum and popularity. Now, we can’t live without them. Can you imagine your life without Facebook? Personally, I don’t know where I would be without GPS. And all of you with blogs have benefited from RSS in some way. We have also been spoiled by sleek technology like the iPhone and HDTV. Through all this, let us not forget our humble beginnings!

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